Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rimmel London & Loreal Paris - Bright Pink and Yellow Gradient

First attempt at a gradient! The gradient photos may look a tad dull as the polish kind of lost its shine and the tips of my polish are also faded but I'd just like to let you know that these photos were actually taken about three days after I painted my nails - I almost didn't have time to take a few shots - but in saying that, the polish surprisingly didn't chip until the sixth day!

On my nails is Rimmel London's Lasting Finish polish in Hot Shot, which is a bright hot pink and is sponged over a Loreal Paris Resist and Shine polish in yellow (the bottle doesn't have a specific name or number :S).

Below is the Loreal polish alone - I love it! it's such a radiant and happy yellow... perfect for Summer! And it lasted me a whole week without chipping too :D

There's definitely going to be more gradients on my blog in the future... hopefully I'll get better at them too!


My year 12 exams are coming up and so I know I'll be even busier than what I already have been these past few weeks so I'm not sure when my next post will be. I know I don't post much anyway but this might be a longer hiatus than my usual breaks.
I may be able to slip in one or two posts after my exams are over... but I'm going overseas for a while as well so there will be no blogging until I get back.

When I come back though, I'm hoping to hold a giveaway because it will have past my one year blogaversary (which, because of my tendencies to never stick to one thing for a while, I never thought I would reach) and then hopefully I can start regularly posting as I'm going to have a heap of free time.


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