Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hong Kong Part 1: Food

I felt like I was eating ALL the time whilst in Hong Kong. I was just constantly stopping to buy food... and more food. 

Note: Photo heavy post.

I thought I'd begin this post with snapshots from the various Yum Cha restaurants I visited while on my trip in Hong Kong because Yum Cha is a pretty big part of the Cantonese culture, and every time I visit the country, Yum Cha restaurants are a definite place I will eat out at.

It's not one of the cheapest meals to have, but the prices are definitely better than the ones here in Melbourne . In Hong Kong, a table for 4 at a decent restaurant always came up to around or under the AU$50 mark, (but of course this varies depending on the restaurant you go to).

I actually felt like I ate McDonald's almost everyday whilst in Hong Kong- whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or just to grab a random bite. It's crazy how cheap it was there but it's safe to say that I'm probably going to be staying away from this particular fast food chain for a while. I loved their curly fries though... why can't Australia have them too?!

The rest of the photos here are just some of the meals I had from different restaurants located all around Hong Kong. If you'd like to know where the restaurant is of any of the particular foods, then feel free to drop a comment below and I'll let you know. (Click to enlarge photos)

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