Monday, April 8, 2013

Clothing Haul: Basics and Bottoms!

I hope everyone had a good Easter! I'm back at uni after having a brief Easter break. It was nice because not only did I get a week to chill, it also meant that I didn't have to go on my daily commute to the city via public transportation. I think the most draining thing about uni is the journey to and from. It's just so time consuming and after a day of boring lectures and classes, all I want is to go home asap! I miss the 10 minute car rides I used to take to school haha.

This is actually my first "clothing" haul I've posted on my blog- yay! And like the title says, it's pretty much a post of all the basics and bottoms I've purchased over March last month. (...I can't believe we're already in April!)

Although I didn't plan on it, I found myself buying quite a few basic pieces of clothing last month. But basics are actually great for uni - especially on days when I'm in a rush - because they match almost everything! 

On the bottom left and on the top right are my purchases from Cocolatte which were two knit tops ($7.99 ea) and two singlets ($2.99 ea) and I got these in black and grey. I also bought an orangy-red muscle tee from Dotti which was on sale for only $8.00, as well as a charcoal muscle tee from The Iconic ($12.00).

I purchased the red and blue patterned skirts from Dotti which were on sale for $21 each as well as the aztec and floral patterned culottes from Asos for $24 each.

I'm a super big fan of clothing with patterns and I couldn't decide whether to get the red or blue skirt because I liked them both equally. I'm also a VERY indecisive person and so I wasn't too surprised when I ended up getting both! Weirdly enough, I was in the same situation with the culottes which is why I ended up getting the two as well.

Sadly, Summer just ended and the weather will be cooling down soon. But with Melbourne's unpredictable and bipolar weather, hopefully I'll get to wear these out if there's a nice, sunny day!


Hope you liked my first clothing haul post. Have a nice week!

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