Saturday, July 6, 2013

Revlon - Radiant (Blue Mosaic)

I've already been on my semester break for almost four weeks now but it's felt no where near as long. I'll be creating my semester 2 timetable this week and for me, that is an indicator of how fast time has gone by as timetabling my classes had seemed so far away a few weeks ago. I hope I manage to get two days off again though!

Anyhow, on my nails below is Revlon's Radiant, also known as Blue Mosaic.

Revlon - Radiant (Blue Mosaic)

I purchased this bottle of polish almost two years ago whilst in Hong Kong and my bottle is called "Blue Mosaic", however I found out that Revlon ended up re-releasing it under the name "Radiant". It is made up of small blue glitter pieces as well as larger blue, silver and turquoise hexagon shaped glitters in a clear base. 

Radiant is a very sparse glitter polish and in my swatches, I actually needed FOUR coats to achieve opacity (and there are still a few spots that aren't completely opaque). Applying the four coats was quite time consuming but I am happy with the result! It's super shiny and sparkly, and it reminds me a lot of the ocean.

The next time I use this I will definitely be layering it over a base colour. Maybe a blue base to match the glitter, or black to bring out the colours... any suggestions on what shade I should layer Radiant over? :)

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